When you fell in love with your partner, relating was easy, but how does that translate months or years down the line while handling the ins and outs of daily life?

Make time and space to reinvest in your partnership  by creating a practice that will awaken the passion you have for one another, reintroduce you to the person you fell in love with and give you tools to continue to deepen in life & lovemaking with your partner.

This 5 week home-study is perfect for couples who:

Caught in a loop of fighting...

Caught in a loop of fighting...

Seem to want different things in the bedroom...


Love your partner and are excited to go deeper.

Are at a crossroads in your relationship. Something has to shift.

Everyone longs to feel closer to the one we love.


The problem is that in our society we have no tools and no successful models of how to keep a partnership nourished and alive over time.

In fact, we are in a culture that encourages us to focus primarily on work and accumulating ‘stuff’… so much so that a meeting which will bring financial gain is often prioritized over special time with our lover, 40+ hours a week are devoted to work and maybe a few hours are devoted to our partner…. usually squeezed into a ‘date night’ and some sex when we are already exhausted (if we are lucky enough to get to it before we crash for the night).

There is good news!

It is easy to have a consistently rich and delicious, sensual relationship...

All you need are the tools!

No one has taught them to us because most people (including our families) have not been exposed to these simple practices.

Treat yourself and your relationship to a course that will not only nourish you, but will also give you tools and practices that will transform how you relate to one another & how you make love.

We need to shift our perspective on relating from:

'relationship is supposed to make us happy'


'relationship is our greatest teacher'.

Once we have made that shift, we stop comparing our relationship and our partner to what we have seen in the movies and fairy tales & we can begin to unlock some of the dynamics between us that are keeping the love from flowing.

I feel like we are in a powerful time of change that is rocking many partnerships.

“When my Husband surprised me for our Anniversary [10 years] with coaching from Charu, that was just the beginning of many magical moments. What we learned with Charu deepened the love we share for each other.
After 18 years of being together we didn’t realize how de-sensitized a couple can become. Charu’s inviting personality, and knowledge of Tantra made us feel safe and so comfortable we were able to reconnect on the deepest levels. She made each and every practice fun and exciting! I recommend Charu and Tantra to every couple wishing to take their relationship to the next level.”
~Nina Waldman

5 weeks to a deeper connection and transformed lovemaking.


A Home-Study Program Delivered to Your inbox. 

Practice in The Comfort & Privacy of Your Home – At your own pace.

In this course I will be walking you through the same process and practices that I have shared with hundreds of private clients to rediscover their love and connection.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Get out of your head!!

    • Learn simple practices to re-sensitize your bodies so you can experience more pleasure.
  • Hassle-free date-nights

    • This not only makes planning easier for quality time, but these dates will also enrich and enhance your connection and sexual attraction for one another.
  • Tantric lovemaking practice

    • This practice will change the way you experience sex whether you are experiencing challenges in this area or you are simply craving a next-level.
  • Get out of your own way

    • It doesn’t matter who is right. Learn to get past the conflict and remember the love you truly feel for one another.
  • Tantric Massage

    • Awaken sexual energy and build sensual connection.
  • Effective Listening & Communication

    • This, in combination with releasing tension in the body through the tantric practice, can help you to get through those nagging conflicts and avoid them in the future.
  • Awakening Sexual Energy

    • So much of the time there is an imbalance or a numbing that has happened with one partner sexually. Practices in this course help us to find a new fire of our sexuality.
  • Vulnerability

    • Truly great lovemaking is rooted in going to a deeper place with our partner. One where we feel safe to share our vulnerability. This is the greatest tool for orgasm and our personal awakening.
“Hi Charu, I just wanted to thank you, We have grown so much! I have given up drinking, lost 15kg, have so much more self esteem and Lu and I have such a beautiful loving connection that we didn’t have before we did your Tantra work, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing work and the loving and safe environment you provided for us, it has changed my life.” with Gratitude Rohan xx

Each week I will guide you through a lecture
and a Tantric practice with this self-paced home-study course:


You will receive video, audio & handouts for each weeks class. Use these resources to continue your practice long after you have completed the initial five weeks.

“Finally, a chance to explore Tantric Lovemaking! This is so different than anything we have done before. Sex is now a way for us to deeply connect vs. just a way to release. The sexual connection is actually helping us navigate day-to-day challenges with more ease!” ~ Monica


Week 1 : Opening & Connecting


In Week 1 we will be doing a simple practice that uses breath, movement and sound to awaken your own body to more sensitivity and vulnerability. As your body softens and becomes more receptive, your partner will be there to support you in new ways. The practice is so simple that anyone can do it, the results are so profound that this practice alone may open doors in your relationship that have not been opened for literally years.

"I loved that first class.  I just listened to it - and...what a game changer!!! I had such a big insight around why it has been important for me to consciously learn the steps towards greater intimacy, piece by piece, it makes me much more forgiving of my partner for not just showing up the way I want him too!" ~ RL5W participant

Week 2 : A Lovemaking Technique that will Change Everything

Learn a sacred lovemaking practice that is so radically different than anything you have experienced it will change the way you make love forever.

This technique also has the power to support you through issues that may be coming up in your partnership such as:

  • couples who feel your lovemaking styles are ‘incompatible’

  • men who find that the penis is soft at times when you wish it was hard

  • couples who have not made love in a long time and no longer know how to approach it

  • women who are feeling ‘shut down’ and unsure how to feel ‘ready’ or aroused at the moment

  • men who ejaculate before you would like to

  • couples who have been having sex one way and are simply ready to go deeper than they have ever imagined

  • men feeling like you don’t last long-enough

This is a technique that I have used myself in my partnership throughout our 10 years together with much delight and one that I have seen transform couples lives. I’ve seen couples who had not made love in literally years begin to make love daily, couples who have had ‘style’ differences suddenly discover lovemaking that honors both of their desires... it’s radical. And so very simple.

Week 3 : Re-Sensitize & Surrender for Deeper Connection.

I always find myself saying that great lovemaking is not about ‘press this’ and ‘push that’ ‘fiddle this in this way and he/she will go wild’... techniques like this have a very real limitation. It is possible to ‘successfully’ execute a technique and be completely disconnected and unconscious.

Great lovemaking comes from sensitivity and vulnerability. When we are sensitive and vulnerable we are deeply connected to ourselves and when we are deeply connected to ourselves we are available to truly connect to our lover. From this kind of connection openings and awakenings can happen in lovemaking that are beyond what we have imagined possible.

This practice is also one that holds the key to learning to experience full-body orgasm... ;)

Week 4 : Massage to Open Arousal

This massage is not only relaxing, but it also increases circulation of blood and the flow of energy through the groin, pelvis and legs. Opening these channels in the body in this gentle and nurturing way can be a powerful way to ignite passion and arousal.


Week 5 : Conscious Communication & Igniting Power of Sexuality

First, we will look at how to consciously communicate with our partner when issues and challenges arise within your partnership. It's simple and a wonderful tool to have in difficult moments!

Then, we will move on to a practice that will ignite and awaken the power that is held in your sexual energy. Like in the other weeks, we will be entering into this from a different angle then we have been used to exploring our sexuality. Opening a new doorway for arousal and movement of the sexual energy between you and your partner.

This practice is also something that can be brought into lovemaking for more pleasure, sensation and can even be used in support of elongating the amount of time you are able to stay connected allowing more space for orgasm to blossom for both of you.

Extra goodies make this process even better? What?


Yup. I'm giving you more! I'm good like that.

“I always knew that there could be something more to sex, but had no idea how to achieve that. The ‘Rediscovering Love’ course has given us a roadmap to discover one another in a totally knew way. Feels like something our bodies already knew, but we would never have known where to start.” ~ Jeff


Creating 'Sacred Space' Audio Class:


It is so important when you are about to re-invest in your partnership in a new way to learn how to create 'space' for this transformation in your home. Learn everything from how to transform the physical space you are in as well as create 'space' in your body for the love you are about to give and receive.

Men: Why She Won't Open Her Heart or Her Legs to You Audio Class: 

This is a provocative talk that myself and my beloved Martin did together to speak to some of the very real challenges Men experience with women and to unveil some of the mystery behind why you may be finding she is not opening up to you.

Better Sex, Deeper Connection at the Touch of a Screen.



  • 5 Video Classes here you will experience a different practice each week to do with your partner.

  • Audios of each class, if you prefer to listen rather than watch.

  • Detailed Handouts for each of the exercises we do in our class each week.

  • Home-play assignments to help you integrate these practices into your life.


  • Creating Sacred Space Audio Class simple things to make your room feel sensual and ready for new explorations.

  • Men: 'Why She won't open her legs to you.' Audio Class. Get important insights that could change how you relate to one another.

I have worked very hard to create a course that truly feels like I am right there with you helping you create a new relationship with your body. Previously, the only way to have this kind of hand-holding and support from me would be to work with me privately for $3,500!

I understand that not everyone can make that kind of investment ~ so I created this course to give you the VALUE of 1-on-1 work at a price point that is considerably less. :)

“What a difference 5 weeks makes. Truly. My partner is now having intense full-body orgasms, my vagina has never felt so soft and open, we had our most extended lovemaking ever the other day, he’s touching me in new ways that feel soooo good... and these things are just the icing. We are connected in a totally new way. I am in awe.” ~ Melinda